Training Sessions

Basic Session Plans, Games and Drills

The Olympians QC have put a selection of session plans, drills and games designed to help train you and your team for quidditch. Though we have supplied ready filled in templates, we recommend that you tweak them to best fit the needs of your team.

Session Plan

Throughout the season, we make a concerted effort to try to collect video footage and stills of as many Northern university teams at as many events as we can. If you need video footage of your team for marketing, have a look through our video library and take any videos you need. If you need help with editing a video together for your team, feel free to message the Olympians QC and we will see what we can do to help.

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We recommend to keep trainings fun by adding a competitive side. Playing games that are designed to work on specific skills can work just as well to train your team, while keeping them engaged in the session. We’ve provided some of the games we use in our sessions that work on skills essential for beaters, seekers and chasers.

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