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We have compiled this page to redirect you to resources, both made by the Olympians QC and by other dedicated volunteers through out the quidditch community, to help have all the important quidditch information all in on place.

Our club members have more than 80+ years’ experience playing and have played for over 17 different quidditch clubs. Many as committee members and have volunteered and helped run countless projects and events.

We hope that you find the resources helpful. If there are any elements or questions that we haven’t covered or answered, please feel free to message the team and we will do our best to help.

Club Recruiting Aid

One of the major aspects of starting and maintaining a quidditch club is ensuring that you are able to recruit new players to your club.

We have put together guides from the experience of our players what cover topics such as setting up a freshers fair stall, running a taster session and providing helpful video example downloads. We have also compiled helpful links and resources for external sources.

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Training Sessions

Running training sessions properly is not only important to help your team advance and keep recruits interested, but also to ensure the safety of your team members and other teams.

We’ve compiled resources to cover the running of training sessions, proper warm up and cool downs and a selection of drills and games for all roles of the sport. We have included some external links to excellent resources to more advanced trainings.

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Refereeing and snitching

Quidditch cannot be played as a sport without dedicated referees volunteering their time and effort. We want to help make the process for new referees to enter the sport as easy as possible. Here we provide basic rule break downs for each position and links to referee resources.

We are currently working on plans to host free referee/snitch workshops in the coming season, more details coming soon.

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Many new players to quidditch come with little exterior sporting experience. A comprehensive fitness plan can be essential to help your team improve and to ensure the safety and ability of your players.

The Olympians QC president, Marianna who is a qualified group fitness instructor, has put together a serious of advancing training plans to help build up basic fitness specific to playing the sport of quidditch.

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