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The Olympians QC

The Olympians QC is an amateur sports team for the real-world game of quidditch.

The Olympians QC was established in the summer of 2019 by team mates primarily from Manchester Manticores and Leeds Griffins, with the addition of key players from a variety of other UK teams, we are an experienced squad with an average of 4+ years’ experience per player.

We are currently the only club in the UK with an explicit ban on inducting university undergraduates who have access to a university team, as we believe it’s vital to support the grass roots of the sport by allowing students to train and grow at an appropriate rate.

As a club we pride ourselves on out community outreach projects. These include the Odyssey Freshers Cup that we host to give university teams a safe space to introduce new players to the sport before regionals, and our many joint sessions and support during freshers’ fairs.

The 2022/3 season club committee;

Club President – Marianna Parroquin
Secretary – Anna O’Gara
Head Coach – Mathew Fenton
Social and PR Manager – Sam Davies
Treasurer – Lewis Jones

Olympians QC

Manchester and Leeds' Community team

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